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Connect to ASU's Network Using a Wired Connection

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You may connect to the ASU Network using a network cable and active network jack (wall outlet).

ASU provides a network cable with every activated network jack. If you are unable to locate a cable, you can request a new cable from your residence hall's support group. ASU-issued network cables come in 3 colors, black (10Mbps) white (100Mbps) and ivory (1000Mbps). The white and ivory cables may be interchangeable but the black is not.

If a network jack is active, it should have a network cable plugged into it. If you think that a jack is active but it does not have a network cable, please contact your residence hall or department's computer support group and they can assist you in verifying if the jack is active.

Once you have a live network cable, locate the connection point on your computer, which will look similar to a phone connection. Please note that a phone cord and a network cable are not the same size; the network cable is slightly wider. This connection is usually in the back of desktop computers but can be on either side or on the back of laptops. Plug the cable into your computer's connection point. Please check your owner's documentation or visit your campus Technology Studio if you are unable to locate the network connection on your system.

At this point your computer should be connected to the network; however, you may need to first register your computer's MAC address. Once you have completed this process you should successfully be connected to the Internet and ASU's Network.

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