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FAQ: Profile picture to Canvas

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Table of Contents:

Do I have to add a profile picture to Canvas?

The Office of General Counsel and the University Technology Office have determined that instructors cannot require that students upload a profile picture to Canvas. Students, including online and extended campus students, are still required to upload a photo to their Sun Card (ASU’s ID Card) as laid out in PUR 703 .  You can upload a sun card photo here!

How do I add a profile picture to Canvas?

1. On the global navigation menu to the left side of Canvas, click Account, then Settings.
2. Click the profile picture icon (the grey generic person image next to your name). 
Screenshot: Canvas Profile Picture icon next to name.

Method 01: Upload directly from your computer

On the Upload a Picture tab,

Drag and drop a picture from your computer desktop into the browser, OR

Click Upload a Picture, then Choose a Picture to browse for a photo and Open it within the browser.
Screenshot: Canvas Profile Picture upload tab.
Crop or resize your picture and click Save.

Method 02: Take a photo using your Webcam

NOTE: This option is not supported in Internet Explorer or Safari.
On the Take a Picture tab, click the Take a Picture button.
Screenshot: Canvas Profile Picture webcam tab.
Like your photo? Hit Save!
Want to try again? Click Retry!

Tips for Profile Pictures (from Canvas Community and ASU Sun Card Office)

  • Please choose an appropriate picture to represent yourself. Your institution has the right to remove pictures that are not appropriate for a classroom setting.
  • Images should be square in size to prevent your picture from being resized or distorted.
  • Files can be any type (.jpg, .png, .gif) or size as long as you have room in your personal files to store the file. Canvas recommends that your profile picture be as small as possible.
  • Your personal files quota is enforced when uploading a profile picture. If you do not have enough storage space in your personal files, you will not be able to upload your profile picture. Create more space by removing some files in your personal files.
SU Sun Card Photo Tips (good contrast, no filters, no hats/sunglasses, good crop with face centered, plain white background, not a self portrait or goofy expression).
NOTE: ASU limits personal file storage on Canvas to 52.4 MB .

Explicit, copyrighted, and otherwise inappropriate materials will not be permitted. All images are subject to ASU’s Computing Policy which prohibits “Infringing upon the copyright, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property rights of others” and the Student Code of Conduct.
To report an inappropriate image please follow the steps below.

How do I change my profile picture in Canvas?

Canvas will automatically replace your profile image when you upload a new one! If you would prefer to delete your previous one, please follow the steps below

How do I remove my profile picture from Canvas?

1. On the global navigation menu to the left side of Canvas, click Account, then Files.
Screenshot: Canvas Account link on Global Navigation bar. .....Screenshot: Files link on account settings page.
2. Click the folder labeled “profile pictures”. 
3. Hover over the name of the photo you wish to remove. On the far right, next to the green checkmark, click the three vertical dots that appear. Select Delete, then click OK on the popups to delete the image from your files.
Screenshot: Options menu with "Delete" selected.

How do I report inappropriate profile pictures in Canvas?

Clicking on a user's image will bring you to their profile. You can report their image by clicking the flag icon that appears when you hover over their profile picture.
Screenshot: Canvas Profile Picture with flag symbol.



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