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How Can I Adjust My Financial Aid to One Semester Since I Am Graduating?

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Functional GroupFinancial Aid
If you are graduating, attending ASU for one semester, and you have been awarded for fall and spring:
  1. You may apply for graduation online via My ASU. For instructions, please see How Do I Apply for Graduation? 
  2. Submit a letter to Financial Aid and Scholarship Services stating that you have filed for graduation. Be sure to include your full name and ASU ID number.  
  3. Your cost of attendance, your expected family contribution from the FAFSA and your awards will be adjusted to one semester.  
In most cases, a reduction of your cost of attendance will reduce your financial aid eligibility and result in a reduction of some of your awards (even if you have already accepted them).   

Award adjustment details
  • Grants are awarded based on a per semester basis. If grants are awarded during a semester you are not attending, the grants will be canceled.  
  • Your Federal Direct Loans will prorate if you are an undergraduate or postbaccalaureate student.
  • Parent PLUS Loans will not be prorated; however, the Parent PLUS Loan for the semester you are not attending will be canceled.
For additional information, please visit our One-semester financial aid policy website.


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