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How Do I Apply with the Disability Resource Center

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Functional GroupStudent Accessibility
1. To apply for DRC services, please visit DRC Connect Request services.
2. Select the option for New Student Application.
Please note: You are considered a new student even if you're already an ASU student, but have never registered with the DRC.

This image shows what the web page you are directed to when you click to request services. This page shows three boxes; the left box is to sign in if you already have an account, the middle box is the box you click to complete the new student application, and the third box is what you click to become a notetaker. Below the three boxes is another box for Deaf and Hard of Hearing requests.
3. When the application opens, please fill it out as much as you can. Anything with a star (*) next to it is required. When you are finished, click Submit Application at the bottom of the page.
After submitting your application, you will be assigned to a Disability Access Consultant (DAC). Your DAC will contact you within 24-48 business hours via email. This email will go to the email address that you provided in your application. Within the email, you will also be asked to set up an appointment with your DAC to discuss your disability and to determine what accommodations would be reasonable.

Note: This appointment is usually done in person, but if you are an online student, the appointment can be over the phone or video chat.



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