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How Do I Configure Mac OS and IOS Devices for Use With Eduroam?

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The following steps describe how to configure a Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Apple TV for use on the eduroam wireless network.

To simplify the wireless network configuration on you device, we provide Configuration Profiles (.mobileconfig) that you can install.

Please note that the Configuration Profile used in this article, contains certificates that expire on a yearly basis.  You will need to update this Profile to continue using it each year.  New Profiles are released between December and January.



  • The screenshots below follow the experience on macOS 11 Big Sur and newer
  • The experience on other Apple devices running recent OS versions will be very similar
  • Devices running older OS versions will look different and have slightly different prompts
  • Local Administrator Privileges are required to install the Configuration Profile on a Mac
  • If set, the passcode is required to install the Configuration Profile on an iOS/iPadOS device

1.  Download the following file and extract the configuration profile to install it.

2.  Navigate to the folder download folder and double click the .zip file to extract the .mobileconfig file.

Downloads folder showing files ready to be extracted.


3.  Double click on the .mobileconfig file to begin installation.  A notification will appear stating to open System Preferences to install the Profile.

Notification reading Profile Installation Review the profile in system preferences if you want to install it.


4.  Open System Preferences and navigate to the newly available "Profiles" preference pane.

system preferences highlighting the profiles option

5.  In the left pane, ensure the "eduroam WiFi Profile" (the name of the Profile may differ each year) is selected under the "Downloaded" section.  From the right hand pane, you can review the configurations that are contained in the Profile.  After reviewing the configurations, click the indicated "Install" button in the right pane.

eduroam wifi profile selected with install button highlighted

6.  Next a prompt confirming the Profile install will appear, select "Continue" to install it.

7.  Next a prompt requesting the authentication credentials for the eduroam wireless network will appear.

  • For the username, enter your
  • For the password, enter the password associated with your ASURITE account
enter settings dialog box with username field highlighted

8.  A final prompt will appear asking for local administrator credentials to be able to install the Profile.  Enter the required credentials and click OK.

9.  When connecting to the eduroam network, this configuration will be used to simplify the connecting experience.  If at any time, you are prompted for a roaming or anonymous ID, enter "".

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