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How Do I Configure Mac OS and IOS Devices for Use With Eduroam?

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Go through the following steps to manually configure your Mac OS or IOS device for use on the Eduroam wireless network. 

Mac OS and IOS devices require the installation of a certificate that auto configures the device to work on the ASU Eduroam wireless network.

Note that there are separate certificates for IOS devices and Mac OS computers. Be sure to download and install the correct certificate for your device. 
Certificate download links:


NOTE: Screenshots below are from Mac OS Sierra running on a MacBook Pro. Other versions of Mac OS X as well as IOS devices may look different.

1. Download the certificate to your device. You should be prompted to save the file to your device.

2. Navigate to the folder where the certificate was downloaded to. The downloaded file should look like the example below.

User-added image

Note: For IOS devices only (IPAD and iPhone) you will need to use Safari as your default browser when installing the Eduroam certificate. If you have another browser set as the default browser the certificate installation will fail.

Switch your default browser to Safari, install the certificate, then you can switch your default browser back to your preferred browser. This does not need to be done on Mac OS laptops and desktops, just IOS devices (IPAD and iPhone).

On IPAD and iPhone devices you may be asked to enter your Your password when you run/install the mobileconfig certificate. Just leave the password field blank and click thru to finish the installation.

3. Click on the certificate file to run/install it.

User-added image

4. Click Continue to complete the installation. If you click Show Profile you will see the following screen. Click Continue to proceed with the certificate installation. 
User-added image

5. You will now be presented with the following screen. Just leave the fields blank and click Install.
User-added image

6. You will be prompted for your computer username (may be already filled in) and password to allow the installation of the certificate. This is the username and password you use to log onto your Mac. The username will be in the form of FirstName LastName. Use the password you use to log onto your Mac. 

User-added image

7. Click OK to complete the installation.

There should now be an eduroam wireless connection in your available wireless connections.

8. After the mobile config certificate installation has been completed, when you connect to the Eduroam network for the first time it may prompt you for your ASURITE user ID and password. After adding them in click Join. You can leave the Mode setting on Automatic.

User-added image

Use the same ASURITE user ID and password you use to access My ASU.

If prompted for a roaming or anonymous ID, enter

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