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How Do I Use the ASU MyDevices Portal to Register My Network Devices?

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ASU MyDevices Portal Overview:

  • The primary reason that you would make use of the MyDevices Portal would be to register a device that the normal authentication process cannot be performed directly from the device, such as an older gaming console
  • You may register up to 5 network devices for use on the ASU Wireless network.
  • The device MAC Addresses will be added to the ASU device database and be tied to your ASU ASURITE ID that you used to log into the MyDevices Portal

Please Note: If you are currently connected to the asu guest network, your traffic will be unencrypted. Also, the asu guest network is rate limited to 10 Mb speeds which may impact your bandwidth needs. For a faster and more secure encrypted connection, we recommend that you connect to the asu network.

MyDevices Portal Details:

After registering your devices, ASU MyDevice network access will be valid for Fall thru end of the following Summer academic year (365 days).

1. Log into the ASU MyDevices Portal
Note: You must be currently connected to the asu network in-order to access this site.

User-added image
Note: If you bookmark or favorite this the MyDevices Portal, always use the as the exact URL address. Any of the other URL's that are generated by the different webpages within the MyDevices portal will result in Internal System 500 errors.

2. Please review the My Devices Acceptable Use Policy (Accept to proceed):

3. My Devices Portal, select Manage Devices:


4. Select Add Device (MAC Address Registration):
Note: To find your gaming console's MAC address, please How Do I Get Network Access for My Gaming Consoles? 


5. Select Manage Devices Lost, Stolen, Add and Delete a device:


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