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How do I apply for teacher certification in the state of Arizona?

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Functional GroupMary Lou Fulton Teachers College
The Arizona Department of Education (ADE) issues your teacher certification. There are four things you will need in order to apply:

1. Institutional Recommendation (IR): You will receive an IR from Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College after your graduation ceremony and upon successful completion of all degree requirements. An IR confirms to ADE that you meet all the course and clinical experience requirements for teacher certification in Arizona. The benefit of an IR is that you will not need your official transcript when you apply for certification.

2. Arizona Educator Exams: To obtain teacher certification in Arizona, you are required to pass a Professional Knowledge Exam and one or more Subject Knowledge Exams. Speak with your iTeachAZ program advisor about the appropriate time to take the exams. (Save a copy of your scores to show ADE when you apply for teacher certification.)

3. Identity Verified Prints (IVP) Fingerprint Clearance Card:
 State law requires that all interns and student teachers have an up-to-date State of Arizona Department of Public Safety-issued fingerprint clearance card. This means you need your card before you are able to enroll in iTeachAZ courses. There are two types of fingerprint cards: Level One/IVP and Regular/Non-IVP. Either type of card is acceptable to start the iTeachAZ teacher preparation program, but you will need a Level One/IVP card when you apply for teacher certification. A fingerprint card is valid for six years. If your card is due to expire before you graduate, be sure to renew it well in advance. (Bring a copy of both sides with you when you apply for teacher certification.)

SAMPLE IVP fingerprint clearance card:
User-added image

4. Paid Certification Fee: There is a fee payment to the Arizona Department of Education for your teacher certification. The amount will range between $60 and $90, depending on your major. Your IR will show the amount you need to pay.



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