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How do I cancel my undergraduate application?

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If you have decided not to attend Arizona State University the semester for which you have been admitted, you should cancel your admission to ASU.  Canceling your admission will also cancel any financial aid awards (scholarships included) and housing assignments.

Consider your options carefully before taking this step.  If you decide to attend ASU in the future, you will need to submit a new application for admission.

Not Registered for Classes

By submitting your request to cancel your admission, you are also canceling any housing assignment and any financial aid awards (including scholarships).

Be aware that you will still be responsible for any non-refundable housing charges or other university charges you may have incurred.  You can view your account and pay any charges through My ASU.

Yes, I want to cancel my application or admission to ASU.  Sign in My ASU to using your ASURITE ID and password.  I don't remember my ASURITE UserID. How do I retrieve it?

Registered for Classes
  1. Drop/withdraw from your classes.  It is your responsibility to withdraw from classes.  You must withdraw from all classes before the end of ASU's refund period or you will be responsible for all tuition charges.  By registering for classes you agree to pay all applicable tuition and registration fees.  You are not dropped from your classes due to non-payment.  Sign in to My ASU to withdraw from your classes.  How do I withdraw from a course or the university?
  2. Submit a request to cancel your application or admission to ASU.  Sign in My ASU using your a ASURITE ID and password.
Student Accounts and Billing

Although you've canceled your admission to ASU, you may still have outstanding charges.  ASU suggests that you review your student account to avoid collection agency activity.  You can view your account and pay any charges by signing in to My ASU.


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