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How do I convert my Earned Admission course for credit?

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You have up to one year after successfully completing an Earned Admission course with a “C” grade or higher to convert for ASU credit. The one year mark starts from the day you become credit eligible in the course. You will pay for the credit through your course portal using PayPal, if applicable.

The academic credits you earn via your Earned Admission courses will appear on an Arizona State University (ASU) transcript and can be used as transfer credits at any school that accepts ASU credits. Once the credits are converted on an ASU transcript, they become a permanent record. 

If you do not pass a course, you will not be eligible to receive academic credit. This will not appear on your ASU transcript, and you can re-enroll in the course as many times as you need to successfully pass the class. Remember, with Earned Admission program, you only pay tuition for the course after you’ve successfully passed the final exam, receive a "C" or better in the class, and are happy with your grade.

Steps to convert your Earned Admission course for credit:

  1. Sign into your Earned Admission "Welcome" portal
  2. Locate the course you are converting for credit and click the “Get Credit” button
  3. Make your credit payment through PayPal, if applicable
  4. You will be redirected to an ASU web page indicating if your credit conversion was successful. Please allow your browser to load until you see a message indicating the status of your credit conversion. 
Screenshot of a message showing successful credit conversion
For additional questions regarding Earned Admission, please contact us at the options below:



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