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How Do I Withdraw from a Course or the University?

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Before requesting to withdraw from a course or the university, please visit University Registrar Services' Drop/Add and Withdrawal website to learn more about drop/withdrawal deadlines, academic and financial consequences, and tuition refund policies.


To request to drop/withdraw from a course or the university using My ASU, follow these steps:
Step 1. In the My Classes box, choose the tab of the semester for which you would like to process
a drop/withdraw request.

Step 2. Click on Registration in the My Classes box, then Drop/Withdraw.


Step 3. Select the desired term to view the list of classes in which you are enrolled, then select the box

for each class you want to drop.

Please Note:  If you want to withdraw from the university, check all of the boxes. 

Step 4. Click the green Next button and continue through steps as directed. 


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