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How does my parent e-sign a document in Verification Documents Request?

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After you have e-signed your document, you will be presented with a step to request parent signature. Please note: your parent cannot create an account or view documents for e-signature until you send the e-signature request. 

1. Click the Request button.
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2. A request parent e-signature screen will open. 
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3. Select which parent you would like to sign your documents, if applicable. Please note: Only the parent that you select to send the request to will be able to create an account (i.e., if you select parent 1, only the information for parent 1 may be used to create the parent account).

4. Enter your parent's email address. The parent email must be different than your email address.

5. Confirm your parent’s email address.

6. Click the Send Request button. 

Once the request has been sent, you are not able to edit your form unless you cancel the request. To cancel the request, select the Cancel Request button. You can edit your request by selecting the Edit Request button. If you cancel the request, your parent is not able to create an account or see the document to e-sign until you send the request again. 
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7. After the request is sent, your parent will receive an email containing a link to log in to StudentForms. When your parent clicks the link, they are taken to the Create Parent Account screen. Your parent must enter their preferred email, confirm their email, choose a username, create a password and confirm their password.
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8. Your parent must confirm their information as it appears on the FAFSA (parent's first name, parent's last name, parent's date of birth and parent's Social Security number). 
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9. Your parent is also required to confirm your information as it appears on the FAFSA (student's first name, student's last name, student's date of birth and student's Social Security number). Once all required information is entered, your parent may click the Create Account button. 
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10. After a parent account is created, your parent can review the document by clicking the Preview button.
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11. If everything looks correct, your parent will enter their password into the E-Sign Password box and select the E-Sign button.

12. If the form has errors, your parent may find instructions by clicking the Form Not Approved button. Or, if your parent wants to opt out of e-sign, click the Opt Out of E-Sign button for instructions.
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13. Your parent receives a success message once the e-signature is applied. You will also receive an email after your parent has e-sign the document.

Need additional help?  Access 24/7 live chat, create a case from My ASU Service Center or call 855-278-5080.



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