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DUO Two Factor Authentication: Installing the DUO Mobile App on a Smartphone or Tablet

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Functional GroupTechnical Resources: Identity Management
The DUO Mobile App allows you to use a push notification or generate passcodes in addition to using text messages or calls to authenticate on your smartphone or tablet. When using passcodes, you can do so without a Wi-Fi or cell phone connection. This is the most reliable and flexible option.

To get the DUO Mobile app, follow these steps:
  • Download and install Duo Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet prior to enrolling your device.
  • In the app store on your mobile device, search for Duo Mobile.
  • Download and install the Duo Mobile app. For information on how to download and install apps, see your mobile device's documentation.
  • Choose the mobile phone option.
  • The software will help you complete the process. More information is available in DUO's enrollment guide.
  • When complete, you will see “Device successfully added!” message. You may either click the “Continue to login" button, or leave the page.
  • You can close the Duo app on your device as it is ready for use.


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