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Is the GRE Required for Applicants to School of Sustainability Graduate Programs?

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Functional GroupSchool of Sustainability
The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is not required for the Executive Master's for Sustainability Leadership (EMSL) program.

The GRE General Test is required for the following degree programs: Please note: The only circumstance in which the GRE requirement can be waived is if you graduated with a bachelor’s degree at least ten years ago (from the application deadline). If you graduated ten or more years ago from your bachelor’s degree, you are automatically exempt from the GRE requirement and do not need to submit any additional documentation. However, it’s important to note that strong scores can make an application more competitive. Requests for a GRE waiver for any other reason are not considered.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores are accepted in place of GRE scores.  However, we recommend you take the GRE General instead of the GMAT if you have not taken either test yet.



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