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My Financial Aid Will Not Cover My Costs, What Are My Other Options?

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Functional GroupFinancial Aid
If your financial aid does not cover your costs, the following options may be available to assist with college expenses.

ASU Payment Plan
Pay your remaining semester charges not covered by your semester's financial aid awards over three payments each semester.

Scholarship opportunities
There are a multitude of scholarships available from a variety of sources (i.e., ASU Admissions, your academic department and private donors). Learn about all types of scholarships and how to apply on our scholarship website.

Student employment
You may need to work in order to meet education and living expenses. There are student employment opportunities right here on campus. You may view all types of student job listings and follow the instructions to apply for jobs on our student jobs website.

Parent PLUS loans
Parents of dependent students may borrow Parent PLUS loans. If your parents are credit denied for the Parent PLUS loan, your parent can appeal the credit decision by documenting extenuating circumstances to the lender (federal government) or secure a credit worthy endorser (co-signer). Your parents can contact the U.S. Department of Education PLUS Credit Appeal line at 800-557-7394 for more information. If your parents are unable to find a credit worthy endorser or appeal the denial of their credit decision, you can submit a request for additional student Federal Direct Unsubsidized loans.

Private education student loans
If you are in need of additional funding, you may apply for a private education student loan. Private loans are subject to credit approval and may be denied. If you are unable to qualify on your own, you can secure a credit worthy co-signer. You apply directly with the lender of your choice; ASU does not recommend lenders. The interest rate is determined by the lender. Please visit Private Student Loans for instructions on how to apply and information regarding disbursement.

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