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What Are My Options If I Am Not Meeting the CAG Program Renewal Criteria?

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If you are not meeting academic renewal criteria for the College Attainment Grant Program (2.50 cumulative ASU GPA and 24 ASU credit hours earned), there are two options to consider:
  1. Enroll in ASU summer courses to improve your ASU GPA or complete the necessary ASU credit hours for renewal.
Please note: It is your responsibility to work with your academic advisor to determine the feasibility of the ASU summer enrollment option. CAG funds will not be available for the summer semester, therefore you must use other resources to pay your summer expenses. We will conduct a final evaluation of your academic records at the end of the summer session.
  1. Submit a Scholarship Appeal Application with the appropriate documentation by June 1.
Please note: You may be eligible to submit an appeal only if you experienced significant, extenuating circumstances beyond your control. Examples of extenuating circumstances include: medical, death in the family, victim of crime/abuse and compassionate care of a seriously ill immediate family member.
If you experienced other challenges such as difficulty with classes, time management, work or family responsibilities, or other co-curricular commitments, please be aware that these are not considered extenuating circumstances.  

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