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What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Studying Abroad?

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Eligibility requirements vary by study abroad program, so be sure to review the details of your specific program to ensure that you are eligible to participate. In general, eligibility requirements are:

  • Sophomore standing or higher (at least 24 credits completed prior to the study abroad program), though some programs may be open to first-year and/or transfer students.
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.0, though many programs will require a higher cumulative GPA.
  • Degree-seeking student at ASU, though some programs may be available to non-degree students.
  • Good standing according to the ABOR/ASU Student Code of Conduct.

Discover program options in ASU's online study abroad catalog. You can search by name, city, country, region, term, major, program type, language, college sponsor, or department/school sponsor.

I don’t meet one or more of the eligibility requirements.  Can I still apply?

Contact the International Coordinator responsible for the program to find out whether you can still apply or to help you select an alternate program.


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