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What Types of Disabilities Do I Need to Qualify for Services and Accommodations?

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Functional GroupStudent Accessibility
The Disability Resource Center (DRC) is available to assist you, if you have a diagnosis that impacts one or more major life activities, whether permanent or temporary, the DRC may be able to help. There are three primary reasons students should consider coming in to talk with us.
  • If you have used accommodations in an educational or work setting because of a disability.
  • If you had a 504 Plan or an IEP in K – 12th grade.
  • If you are unable to access course material, classes, or other academic opportunities due to a disability.
When you apply for services, a Disability Access Consultant (DAC) will be assigned to work with you. If services are appropriate, accommodations will be identified that are specific to your needs.
To find out whether our services can help you, please follow the steps:
1. Visit My ASU and select the Campus Services tab. Within the Student Success and Support box, select the Request Disability Services link, as shown below:

My ASU Portal> Campus Service Tab > Student Success & Support box> Request Disability Services
2. Select New Student Application.
User-added image
3. Please fill out the web form completely and accurately prior to submitting and a representative from the DRC will contact you to schedule an appointment.
Please Note: You may also contact us without completing the application to explore whether the DRC is right for you.
To learn more, please visit the Disability Resource Center website or email questions to



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