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What Happens If My Tuition is Not Paid in Full by the Deadline?

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Functional GroupFinancial Aid
ASU does not withdraw you from your classes if your tuition is not paid by the applicable due date. You are required to pay all tuition and fees for any registered course, unless you withdraw during the 100% Tuition Refund Period. You must officially withdraw from the university if you decide that you are not going to attend any of your classes.  

If you have an outstanding balance of $500 or more, after your payment deadline you will automatically be enrolled in the ASU Payment Plan and charged an additional fee. 

If you have an outstanding balance under $500, you will not be enrolled in the ASU Payment Plan. However, these charges are subject to late fees. If there is a balance past due, a Transcript Hold may be placed. The release of official transcripts will be blocked until payment is paid in full. Upon payment in full, this hold will be lifted. If the dollar amount of the past due balance is above the allowed threshold, an Enrollment Hold can be placed and will block registration. Please review the ASU Late Charge Policy online for further clarification. 

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