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What is Earned Admission?

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Earned Admission is an opportunity that allows you to gain admission into ASU by successfully completing a series of online courses that count towards your degree.

The key highlights of Earned Admission are: 

  • Start now - Begin taking ASU classes online today; no application or transcripts required.
  • Make progress toward a degree - Demonstrate your ability to succeed at ASU. Pay for your courses only if you’d like to receive academic credit.
  • Earn Admission into ASU - Successfully complete your courses with a 2.75 GPA or higher to gain admission into ASU. Enroll in a degree with a portion of your program already complete.

Please visit the Earned Admission website for information on currently available courses and enrollment instructions.

Commonly Asked Questions about Earned Admission:

For additional questions regarding Earned Admission, please contact us at the options below:



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