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What is RaiseMe and how does it work at ASU?

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RaiseMe is a micro-scholarship program. Students create a profile online during high school (as early as 9th grade) and earn scholarships for achievements and activities that promote college readiness. Students then submit portfolios to their colleges of interest. 

Student portfolios must be submitted to ASU by September 1 prior to their senior year of high school (i.e., September 1, 2018 for fall 2019). After the September 1 deadline, there is no opportunity to enroll in the program. However, there are many other scholarships available. Please see our What Types of Scholarships Are Available? article.

Use our Freshman Merit Scholarship Estimator to find out if you qualify to become a New American University Scholar. Just enter a few pieces of information such as your high school core GPA, class rank and ACT/SAT score. The actual scholarship award will be based upon your official academic credentials after your admission to ASU. 

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