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What is a Defaulted Loan?

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Functional GroupFinancial Aid
A defaulted loan is failure to repay your loan according to the terms agreed to when you signed your promissory note. Default occurs when you have failed to make a loan payment for 270 days. The consequences of default can be severe and have long-term ramifications. Visit the Federal Student Aid's Understanding Default website for more detailed information.
  • When placed in default, any William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program Loan or Federal Family Education Loan Program Loan that is owned by the U.S. Department of Education is assigned to their Default Resolution Group for collection. 
  • Defaulted Federal Family Education Loan Program Loans that are not owned by the U.S. Department of Education will be assigned to a guaranty agency for collection.
If you start having trouble making your ASU Federal Perkins Loan payments, or if you are applying for a forbearance or deferment, please contact the ASU Collections Office at 480-965-5220 or

If you are unsure which type(s) of loan(s) you have, check your original loan documents or log into the National Student Loan Data System.

Please note: Information about any private student loan you may have received will not be included in NSLDS.


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