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What modifications are being made to University Housing during the pandemic?

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ASU has consulted with public health officials and national associations on recommended housing configurations and is providing both shared housing spaces and single-room requests.

ASU will maintain vacant rooms for isolation spaces if needed. Common areas may be subject to restrictions depending upon current, local health conditions; face coverings will be required; high-touch points will be cleaned and disinfected frequently; and sanitation stations will be available.

In addition, ASU University Housing has the following modes of operation: 

University Housing Mode 1:  Regular Mode of Operation: Residence halls at full capacity.  External visitors allowed in buildings. 

University Housing Mode 2: Limited Mode of Operations: ASU fills residence halls at lowered capacity to provide for flexibility in self-isolation and quarantine spaces.  Guests in residence hall rooms are limited to those within the hall. This is the mode in which ASU started the fall semester.

University Housing Mode 3: Increase security and enforcement; restrict ingress with no external visitors and one guest per room from within the same residence hall at any given time; de-densify higher risk living configurations with communal bathrooms and communal living situations; housing removal for repeat violations; and facilitate single occupancy and process approved housing License Agreement Release requests. This is the mode ASU is currently operating in.

University Housing Mode 4: Essential Only: Students who have no other options will be allowed to request an exemption to live in residence. 

University Housing Mode 5: Closed: No use of residential halls.


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