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Where can I find Financial Aid Withdrawal information?

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Financial aid withdrawal information can be found in many locations.

1. Financial Aid and Scholarship Services policy website 
Learn about the major aspects of dropping, withdrawing and failing to participate in classes as a financial aid recipient. 

2. Registration and Tuition Payment Guide
Each term, the University Registrar publishes this online guide which includes the Financial Assistance Withdrawal Policy.

3. Understanding the terms of your financial aid  
When accepting awards on My ASU, you must agree to the terms listed which can also be viewed on our policy website. 

4. ASU Knowledge Base Articles 
Provides a centralized, easily accessible, 24/7 self-service answers to your ASU questions such as:
Need additional help? Access 24/7 live chat, create a case from My ASU Service Center or call 855-278-5080.


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