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How do my credits transfer to ASU?
Date Updated: June 22, 2021
Learn how to transfer credits from another institution to ASU.
How Do I Transfer to ASU?
Date Updated: June 5, 2016
Get more information about how you can transfer to ASU.
What Are the Admission Requirements for Transfer Students?
Date Updated: August 21, 2017
Learn about ASU admission requirements for transfer students.
How Will My Transfer Course Be Evaluated?
Date Updated: July 13, 2021
Information on transfer course evaluations.
What is the Transfer Guide?
Date Updated: July 13, 2021
Learn what the Transfer Guide is and how to use it.
How Does My Transfer Course Count Towards My Major?
Date Updated: April 20, 2020
Learn more about how your transfer courses apply to your degree at ASU.
Are Transfer Students Required to Send High School Transcripts?
Date Updated: June 4, 2016
Learn about transfer requirements for official high school transcripts.
What Do I Need to Have My International Transfer Courses Evaluated?
Date Updated: June 22, 2021
Find out what is needed to evaluate international transfer courses.
Why Is My Course Not Listed in the Transfer Guide?
Date Updated: June 22, 2021
Find out why your transfer course might not be listed in the Transfer Guide database.
What Is Needed to Evaluate Upper Division Transfer Courses?
Date Updated: August 11, 2020
Defines what is needed for upper division transfer credit evaluation.